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Frini & Dimitri's CV (English)

   One has to discover his own truth through his art. Biggest discovery that happened to us during our tango lives, was that the demanding process of skill –undeniable necessity for achieving artistry freedom-  it leads to behavior.
Without further input, technique cultivates the way of doing things. The more we study, the more we dig in, the mere technique bring us to the essence of tango  which is respect for the other.
To be effective or careful requires technique. That was not new.
But all this ,eventually will push you forward to be gallant and polite. Not only in a social accepted way, but in a deeper sense of respect.

We believe in improvisation.
We believe to the “ If it works, it works” mechanics
We choose these principals even for our “formal” performances.

Our efforts to transmit this principals as teachers, is a constant adventure, and we are grateful to our students for giving us these experiences. However  we always stand behind this quote:
“Teacher is only pointing out the road for you. Not escorting you”
With that careful disclaimer we believe that our CV is complete. However below there is a list of information, events , and endorsements that you might find useful
Thank you very much.

List of actions-events etc

We visited Crete twice in the last couple years and, being tango enthusiasts but definitely in the intermediate category, we wanted to continue to improve our tango in a friendly environment.  We were so lucky to have found Frini and Dimitris.  They were most welcoming to newcomers in their group lessons and practicas with instructions customised to the level of the class.  We also benefited immensely from several private lessons.  Their philosophy and teaching style made so much sense to us.  Best of all, as they try to impart the intricacies of tango, Frini and Dimitri are kind, helpful and understanding. 

Kathy and Peter, Vancouver, Canada, July 2016
I take great pleasure in introducing you to a wonderful dancing duet who has worked with our company for this summer in Daios Cove Hotel Entertainment Program. Daios Cove is a 5star hotel complex which is situated in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece.
Dimitris Kotzabasakis and Frini Fatourou came to us to perform the Tango Experience project and it was presented with great success once during the 2014 summer season. Dimitris and Frini performed and improvised on tango while at the same time gave tips to the guests with a fresh and relaxing approach to apply in their personal dancing vocabulary. It was an unforgettable body and mind adventure during the summer holidays of our guests. Their choreography was innovative with excellent use of the music, patterns and space. They integrated the emotional and artistic aspects of the dance in such a way as to make it easy for the guests to incorporate into their movements.
Both of them were a pleasure to work with: their dedication, professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and good nature will make them an excellent choice for your hotel entertainment program.

Argyro Barata
Production Manager
Dimitris and Frini are creating positive energy for all all levels of classes,
answering for demanding task of maestro : not only to make complicate things simple to understand for students,
but also to have fun during the learning process.
  They were successful in both, due to high social skills and pedagogical eye and more than 10 years of experience
to have own schools and events.

 During the festival they showed flexibility, high professionalism , enthusiasm towards tango and helped us to launch
the biggest tango festival in Finland. We got great amount of positive feedback from our own tango community
as well as visiting guests, and warmly recommend them as a teachers and partners in Argentine tango projects.

I, Kaisa Saarinen, and behalf of my team in Frostbite ( – Helsinki International Tango Festival )
have pleasure to recommend Dmitris and Frini as a teachers and artists to cooperate with similar events.
Kaisa Saarinen ,
We decided at the age of seventy, having only done ballroom dancing before, that we wished to learn Argentinian Tango. Since that time, we have attended group lessons and personal lessons run by Dimitris and Frini.
At our age, it can take longer to grasp and internalise new moves. This can be very frustrating for us but Dimitris and Frini have been very patient, understanding and encouraging. They are particularly good at finding new ways to help overcome an individual problem.
The lessons are well constructed for people at all levels of ability and there is a clear emphasis on the learning experience being enjoyable and fun.

John and Jenny Richmond

The two of us enjoyed vacation & tango argentino in Crete 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. We have been lucky to come to know about Frini and Dimitris already during our first visit. Since then, every time we come to visit Crete we do not miss to spend some time in Chania, participating in the regular classes and taking some private lessons as well.
Frini & Dimitris are most friendly and warm hearted teachers. Their teaching is about harmony - invitation and response are key elements as well as musicality. They are good observers and provide helpful instructions. Their uncomplicated and cordial teaching made the lessons a great joy for us. This year, Gabi participated in the ladies training by Frini which has helped her a lot to improve her technique.
We also have very much enjoyed meeting them in milongas which take place almost every week. 

Rainer & Gabi Schilling, Weil der Stadt, Germany



Frini and Dimitris are graduated from the "Tango Center of Umbria" and essentially they are the instigators of the first steps of tango in Chania in 2002 by organizing the first seminar.
Consecutive seminars with famous teachers, stunning shows, art events with photography and painting exhibitions about tango, tango tours with students abroad for seminars and courses. A seed that worked well to meet today with a stable tango scene in Chania
From April 2002 that they organize the first seminar in Chania ,untill 2005 they had successfully organized more than 12 events with teachers from abroad, (Laura Melo, Ricardo Barrios, Daniel Montano, Francesca Del Buono, Adrian Aragon, Erica Boaglio, Pablo diGiorgio,Helene Treitman,)  setting up «weeks of Tango" where apart from courses they provide an opportunity for artists to capture on paper and canvas what tango was for them, and present it at an interactive event.

In one of the trips for seminars and training courses ,they set up on the island of Lemnos the group Tangolimnos.

In cooperation with the Orthodox church of Cameroun in April 2007 they organize a charity event for children of the 3rd world and in two great evenings with live music and dance shows the amount of 3000 euro is collected.
For the first time in the Greek tango community, they are permanent guests  during a TV show on a local channel and they weekly present news, videos and interviews from all around the tango world.
In November 2008 the Film Festival of Thesaloniki is hosting the video clip of the school entitled "maquillaje" during a tribute to tango films.

In the same month in Heraclio (Pagopiion) they present a tribute to the important orchestras of the golden era of tango. During that weekend with visual material, and of course dancing, a narrator unfolds the evolution of tango in the parallel social crisis of Buenos Aires in the 30's 40's and 50's.

In May 2009, they travel and teach in Italy, in the dancing school Azucar, in the region of Umbria.
 In the same month take place the presentation «a tango for six sculptures.». An improvising performance,/conversation, inspired by six sculptures, at the Municipal Pinacotheque of Chania, during the exhibition of the very important sculptor Tzompanakis Manolis.

In June 2009 they present the new project  ,the short movie Encuentros (Meetings).
 This is a 23minute film starring students and focused on the elimination of stereotypes in tango. The spectator sees through the eyes of the actors-dancers, that through almost surrealistic versions of everyday routine, tango becomes a part of life, without the carnival "flashy" outfits  that is usually served with.
During the next years, directing and producing short tango movies and clips will be a basic vehicle for transmitting their perception to public views. The students-dancers, are becoming actors, playing themselves at short stories about the tango and the city.
Since 2014 their projects are hosted to the official playlist of the world wide famous CInefilia Tanguera Itinerary Festival.
At 2016, Cinefilia Tanguera visited Chania for a unique 3 days projection of tango short movies selection.
At 2013 Frini will develop and establish a system of practice and technical development for women of tango , and will call it TangoMoves.
From 2010 till 2013, Frini and Dimitris are hosting 3 tangomarathons in the city of Chania. (ChaniaTangoMarathon)
At April 2015 they participated in the TangoSociety of Crete Project that took place in Chania.

Presentations and open courses in selected cafes-restaurants and hotels, seminars at schools and dance events.

·         Volos Tango Festival (December 2013)(Lessons and performances)
·         Athens October-December 2013 tour (Lessons and performances)
·         Tampere SummerTango Camp (Finland) July 2012
·         SunnyTango Vacations Festival in Crete June 2012
·         Charity Fund Raising for Horizon (lessons and performances Nov 2012)
·         Performing at the Spring Festival of Platanias April 2014
·         Workshop and performances in Finland September 2011
·         Teaching and performing in SunnyTango Vacations Festival in Crete July 2011
·         Teaching and performing in FrostBite tango Festival Helsinki February 2011
·         Teaching and performing in Paris Winter 2011
·         Teaching and Perfoming in Lefkada October 2010
·         the tango experience project @ Roxanne Estate (2016)
·         the tango experience project@verekinthos art Festival(2016)
·         Performing with live music with Vamos Ensemble (2014-15)
·         Cyprus-Thessaloniki-Larissa-Athens tour June 2015
·         Teaching at the TangoSociety of Crete Project April 2015

·         Teaching in Workshops in Heraclion 2013-2014-2015

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